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Meet the Director of our After School Program

Paige Ellis, Owner and Executive Director

Texas Power Athletics (TxPA) is a 5,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art licensed after school care program and skill specific cheer and tumbling training center located in South Austin.   Inspired by a mother of two who has found that this sport integrates with her values of youth wellness, developing young leaders and teaching young adults and athletes the right way to live life!  By the way, she believes there is a lot to winning life and over the last 7 years, she has learned that winning is not really about just showing up, but rather putting effort in to everything you do.  So, TxPA places a lot of effort in to building the best After School Program in the city of Austin.  Check out her professional resume on linked.  Click Here

She has partnered with the best after school care givers and coaches in the Austin area who are creative, inspiring and committed to bringing it to every school day, every practice and competition for our all star programs.  TXPA is licensed by the state of Texas as a single skilled athletic program, as well as, the afterschool care program that shares similar values around participant preparedness and wellness.

She is a passionate and driven individual who encourages her staff and her athletes to the the best of who they are and can be.  She loves her family and spends as much time as she can showing them how important they are to her!