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Meet the Director of our After School Program

Paige Ellis

Owner Paige -Ellis

Texas Power Athletics (TxPA) is a 10,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art skill specific cheer and tumbling training center located in South Austin.   Inspired by a mother of two who has found that this sport integrates with her values of youth wellness!  Tumbling and Cheer offer many of the components health experts are looking for:  activity, endurance training, stretch/flexibility, mental toughness, and nutrition. TxPA has combined these attributes with winning to build Austin most successful athletic facility.

She has partnered with the best coaches in the Austin area who are creative, inspiring and committed to bringing it to every practice and competition.  TXPA is licensed by the state of Texas as a single skilled athletic program, as well as,  the afterschool care program that shares similar values around participant preparedness and wellness.

Their afterschool care programs have incorporated the same athletic activities into their schedule to foster wellness philosophy throughout.

TXPA has two training facilities on site.  The first is our after school and recreational programs building that is specifically for building specific cheer and tumbling skills or for having fun in our afterschool care program.  This building has a private afterschool area.

The second training facility is for our all-star cheer programs.  This building was built to provide our all-stars with a training facility that will allow them the privacy and space to excel in their roles.