Anna Kirkland


“Anna Kirkland has worked with children in some various capacities over the past 6 years. After moving to Texas in 2016 she joined Texas Power Athletics as Recreational and All Star Show team coach. A few months later she started working with the after-school care program as the leader of “Physical Activity Time’ where she creates innovative sports and games to provide physical fitness for children.

Being passionate about children having an environment where each child feels comfortable, safe, creative and inspired, Anna feels a responsibility to provide a role model for children both inside and outside of Texas Power Athletics.  Because of this she assisted the After-School Program director in routing bus routes which enable us to transport children from their school to TxPA for an afternoon of fitness fun.


She is passionate about creating an environment where each child feels comfortable, safe, creative, and inspired. She takes great pride is being a role model for the children inside and outside of Texas Power Athletics.”

Anna Kirkland has worked in the childcare industry for over 5 years.  When she moved back to Texas she joined Texas Power Athletics as a Recreational Coach and All Star Show Team Coach, in July 2016.  She began working with the After School Program as Lead on physical activity time for the children in November 2016.

She is innovative in the various games and sports that she incorporates in the physical activity time.  She prides herself in creating a fun time for and with the children in care.

Anna is a huge asset to the After School Program.  She has helped the program grow with her enthusiasm and love for children.  Her core values are all the same as Brooke’s which are:  Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Unity.   Anna can be reached by emailing her at or 512-284-9211.

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